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Millwood Cabinet Doors, a Division of Millwood Cabinets, LLP, manufactures custom size and custom order doors for cabinet manufacturers, homebuilders, remodeling contractors, and individuals. Our philosophies and our tenacity about providing high quality and service in cabinet manufacturing is the same in our custom door manufacturing.

Listed below are some of the things that we do in our door production that will help you provide faster and better service to your customers:

  1. Most orders are processed, manufactured, and shipped within 10 working days from date of receipt.
  2. All orders are produced from FAS grade materials. This allows us to produce high quality, evenly colored doors and drawer fronts. All hardwoods will vary slightly in color from board to board, and sometimes within each board. Therefore, we can not assure you of perfectly matching colors on all styles, rails, and panels.
  3. Our pricing is simple - flat price per door.
  4. Each door and drawer front is individually inspected for size, for being square, and for quality of workmanship before it is packaged for shipment.
  5. Millwood Cabinet Doors offers over 30 different door styles, 10 plus wood species, and more than 16 door and drawer front edges.

Homeowners, builders and remodelers love the Millwood difference.
Compare and see why Millwood Cabinet Doors are your best choice!

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